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10-10-21: World Mental Health Day!

Last month in September, the whole world celebrated Suicide Awareness Month with Suicide Prevention day being on Friday, 9/10/21. But why stop there? Mental Health Awareness is an ongoing light that needs its shine like any other global dynamic. Today, we celebrate why Mental Health matters and bring awareness for all those who study mental health, those who are effected by mental health illnesses and those who are advocates of mental health, like me! There is much to still learn today about mental health, but the most important thing to do if someone may be experiencing imbalances with their mental health, is not to ignore them. A cry for help is just that, a cry for help! No matter what it looks like, no one person is the same. We all react to life in different ways. We are not here to judge each other, but we are here to help one another and humanity as a whole. So, do your part if you see a friend or family member down and out; or up and won't sit down. Gossip is easy to do, but when you actually help someone in need, and reach out to show that someone still cares... now that is how you truly make a difference!


Also, never be ashamed for seeking professional counseling if struggling through a tough time in life. That's what professionals are for! They are literally trained to hear about these problems and help guide you through those times. Some people have the heart for it, so let the professionals profession. All it takes is a little research from trusted sources (i.e. word of mouth from a trusted friend or partner, visiting your local community center, etc.) and then you book an appointment based on who you feel may be the best fit.

Check out this cool article on this year's theme: 'Mental Health in an Unequal World' by the World Federation for Mental Health

Visit the Mental Health Foundation's website for more information: (

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Do you have a story of dealing with your mental health? Please share in the comments below:

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