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Hi, My Name Is Barbara-Rose... & I Survived A Witch Attack

"Everything happens for a reason!"

Now, I have no idea who done it as I have been in many different communities in my lifetime.

"Then how do you know?" Some may ask.

Spirituality is hard to explain to the Unspiritual, but as a friend & follower of Jesus Christ and born-again child of God, I am preserved & protected through the blood that He shed on Calvary for all of our sins.

& I AM ALIVE! I am a walking, talking, living & breathing Testimony.

(This is me in the beginning of 2019 as a member of the Detroit Tigers DTE Energy Squad)

This is me in May 2021:

(Grateful for this smile)

(DON Prescelta)


I have learned through great struggle that resilience is the key to survival.

I do not have any allergies or ailments since birth, nor have I had the Covid-19 Virus during this global pandemic after being tested once in December 2020 for antibodies and also tested through the PCR-Test (last test being May 30, 2021 ). When the pandemic was announced in the United States in March 2020, two months prior, I was told that I could not return as a member of the Energy Squad. I was given a 3o-day Performance Plan in August, without any documentation of proof. Even after confessing that I was in the process of joining a Greek Fraternity called Delta Phi Delta Dance Fraternity, Inc. that entire summer, it was not until after I returned my application for the 2020 season that I was told the performance plan which ended in September was insufficient. I was grateful to have started my career in advocacy by that time in October 2019.

I was unable to make sense of all the things surrounding me, but "by the grace of God, all will be well." {ONYANKOPON ADOM NTI BIRIBIARA BEYE YIE}

My life correlates well with Saint Barbara, the Great Martyr, to which I was born December 4th, 1994 (which just so happens to be her Feast Day), so without a doubt, this is my calling. Thanks also be to my Bishop, Charlie Berrian & his wonderful ministry for their divine guidance who have helped me overcome these quaint attacks through their divine intervention.

Others I owe credit to (who will have no idea until reading this): Tim Sheets, author of ANGEL ARMIES On Assignment, & Prophet Chuck D. Pierce and The Oasis who prayers I heard as I finished my last year of undergraduate at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Thank You. Your prayers worked and helped carry my life through to the finish.

I pray, that I too, will be able to make divine intervention for those who need it as well.

God Bless!

Peace & Blessings TO All

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